I'm Lori Cortinas M.Ed.

Founder of Wealth Building Academy for Teens

πŸ‘Ά I’m a Mom (and all that it entails)

🏫 With Over 10 Years in Classroom Teaching Experience

πŸŽ“ And a Masters in Education

πŸ—“οΈ With over 800 hours taught on Outschool

🎀 A Guest Speaker for The Girls Scouts and Jack & Jill of Dallas

πŸ’–Β  And Volunteer for Junior Achievement

Why did I create the Wealth Building Academy for Teens?

Because I know the struggle!

Have you ever opened a credit card at the mall just to save 30%, only to forget to pay it off? 🀭

What about the time that you needed a car repair, but didn’t have enough money in savings?

Yep, me too. βœ‹

Has your teen ever showed similar decision making skills, leaving you worried about their financial future?

As a mom, I’ve been there.

I know those worries.

I created financial literacy classes for teens because as a freshman in college, I signed up for a credit card on campus because I was enticed with a free t-shirt.Β 

Yes; I traded my precious social security number and unknowingly impacted my credit score.Β 

A choice that ultimately leadΒ  me to a spending addiction and financial distress… over a freaking t-shirt. πŸ‘š

I now know the importance of paying yourself first and how to use credit cardsΒ as a tool for building credit rather than building a wardrobe. πŸ’³

Before you send your teen out to a world that will prey on them and their credit score in exchange for a t-shirt…

As their parent, you need to arm your teenager with the knowledge that we, along with millions of others who have been in our shoes, didn’t have at their age.

You can do this.

I’m here to help! πŸ’“