Growing up is inevitable...

but debt is preventable!

Help your teen enjoy financial success & develop a healthy money mindset with our easy online courses ⏰ ✨

Why parents like you are choosing Wealth Building Academy for Teens...

200+ Wealth Building Academy Graduates

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800+ hours of Financial Literacy Taught

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Up to $1,800,000 in debt prevented

From credit cards & student loans

(It doesn't have to be like this ^)

πŸŽ‰ You did it! You’ve survived raising a child.

Now that your little one is a teenager, you know it’s important to talk about money, but…

πŸ™‰ Your teen won’t listen to your advice

😨 You don’t know how to start the convo

πŸ’Έ You could use a lesson on money, too!

Your child is becoming a young adult who will leave the nest for college soon, and potentially graduate with $70,000+ in student loan debt. 😱

They’ll get full time jobs, and will hopefully save enough money to buy a home of their own. The decisions they make at 18 years old will impact the rest of their life. Are they ready?

Our courses help you break the mold of college and credit card debt.

Wouldn't you love to give your teenager...

A Healthy Money Mindset?

A Plan for their future?

Financial Confidence?

A Budgeting & Money Toolkit?

Good news - it's possible!

Wealth Building Teens become Financially Secure Adults with Our Easy Courses!

Our fun courses were created specifically for teens aged 13-18 to learn about finance NOW with their future goals in mind.

πŸ’¬ What Other Parents Are Saying...

β€œThis class was amazing for my 16-year-old daughter! Lori taught with grace and clarity. Her examples were so simple for my daughter to understand! I enjoyed listening in, too!”
- Daisy V.
Parent of a 16-year-old

Meet the Teach!

Lori Cortinas M.Ed.

Have you ever been so far in debt that you felt anxious, overwhelmed, or physically sick? πŸ™ˆ

Yeah, I’ve been there, done that.Β 

And what about your teen?Β Have they ever earned a significant amount of money, only to blow it on the newest iPhone? πŸ“±

Better yet – has your teen ever looked at you with a blank stare when you talk about money, budgets, savings and credit cards? πŸ’³

Yup, I’ve been in their shoes, too.

I’m Lori; I’m a former credit card abuser and compulsive shopper who grew upΒ to be a school teacher with a passion for all things finance. 🍏


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